Litte Debbie at a Wedding!

“Where is Fancy Bread in the heart or in the head?”….Willy Wonka

While shopping at my neighborhood grocery store, I passed these fabulous looking white cakes and my brain kicked into gear as it does at times when I see a party opportunity. These would be a great addition to a Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party, Baby Shower or even a wedding. Depending on how you would want to display them. I am not sure what they look like once unwrapped, but if they look this crisp or if they taste good, I would have no apprehensions about them being used as a wedding snack. You could put them in a nice cake box as a take away treat or wrap them as a favor. Since they are called Fancy Cakes they want you to use them in a fancy manner. 🙂 I would not want to limit them to a wedding of course any occasion will do.

I will definitely keep these on the radar for any special occasions that I have coming up and will definitely post pictures of how I display them. Please feel free to post a picture if you have used Fancy Cakes at your event.

Happy Summer, Happy Planning, Happy Life.


Danni B


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