50 and Fabulous Surprise Party Decor

It has been a very exciting week for me, a great friend of mine wanted to surprise her mom with a party for her 50th birthday, since her mother had never had a party for her birthday.

She decided to go with Vibrant Colors as opposed to the traditional silver or black. I think this worked out great for the honorees personality.

Fuschia, Lime Green, Orange, Turquoise, Yellow

The tone was set by the colorful invitations and RSVP cards

designed by EuGene Byrd.



I separated the colors, by using one color per table. A 12′ round mirror was used as the base. The paper flower petals were from Party City, the wine glasses , glass tea light candle holders and floating candles are from IKEA. The colorful candles are from Cost Plus World Market. Colored water dye was used to give the water its vibrant color.

The tables had a very classy yet colorful look.

The table for the Honoree utilized a more clean look with the color coming from the flowers of the centerpiece. The white tealight candles and glass candle holders gives it a clean uncluttered look. The Candle holders are from Crate and Barrel. The white Vase fro, CB2 was embellished with rhinestone wording. The smaller tea light candles gives it an extra sparkle and allows the word “fabulous” to stand out without being overbearing.

A vibrant Mimosa Table was utilized for light alcoholic beverages.
The items used at this table are from IKEA, Crate & Barrel, Party City & Cost Plus World Market.

The Honoree was truly surprised and I know this will be one day the she will always remember.

Until next time

Happy Planning, Happy Event, Happy Life


Danni B


29 thoughts on “50 and Fabulous Surprise Party Decor

  1. Awesome decorations and very unique and creative, I will be reaching out to you for my Mother’s 60 Birthday!!!

  2. I am organising my mums 50th and love the table centre pieces as my mum is terrified of ballons and all the rest look to wedding themes
    I am just wondering did you glue the wine glasses to the 12″ circle..
    thank u

    1. Bernadette,

      The glass are stacked on top of each other, they are not glued. You have to arrange them in such a manner that they will stay together and collapse. It takes a little practice at first, just make sure you don’t use big bowled wine glasses(the ones used for rich red wine).

      Thanks for stopping by

      Danni B

      1. I have tried & tried to do your wine glass centerpieces with no luck …. any chance of getting step by step pic’s or instructions :-). Thank you

  3. I love these centerpeices would you mind sharing how you made them? Did you use wire to keep the glasses together?

  4. Thank you all so much for the overwhelming response, about the wine glass center pieces, life is always busy and forgive me I have never done a video before. I find that with the increase if my business videos are necessary, so I will try my bestest to post a video this weekend, I have several glass sizes that I can show you and the best ones to use.

    Danny ?

  5. Anyone had any luck making the wine glass centerpiece? My friends wants it for her wedding in Sept! Any help is appreciated!!!!!

  6. Hi there, I know you don’t want to hear my excuses, but hey it’s the truth, amongst other things, my site was hacked, so it locked up my business email and I lost info for my blog and couldn’t log in and it took a while to regain access, which I am super excited about, since I have things to post, so I made the video know all I have to do is post the dang thing. So today is Wednesday, I will post the video this weekend for sure. Thanks again for visiting.

    Danni B

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